Tuesday, January 19, 2016

weekend report: Sanctity of Life

This weekend was very special at Crossroads, it was a chance to stand along-side Christian brothers and sisters across the country and declare that all life is precious and a direct reflection of God the creator! You can't be more precious then that!

Pastor Dave presented mind-boggling statistics that proved we don't value life the way God intended us to. It was a weekend that should send us to our knees on behalf of babies in the womb who have no voice and those we are neglected, unloved or abused!
But, he also taught us about the amazing grace of God - who was willing to sacrifice his only Son to purchase complete forgiveness for any wrong we've ever done. There is complete, holy, God-filled grace available for the asking.

It was a beautiful weekend of learning, leaning into God and beautiful worship, ending with a love offering to support our amazing Richland Pregnancy Services. These people provide help for anyone that finds themselves in the middle of an unwanted pregnancy. It is an honor to have them as one of Crossroads LOCAL GoMission partners.

I love the fact that Crossroads is just as deeply involved in our local community as we are across the world! Thanks to all who gave to this amazing God-honoring organization! (If you weren't here last weekend, there is still opportunity to give, just mark your envelope for Richland Pregnancy Services), and give it separately from your tithe please.

Our setlist:

Unbroken Praise

Jesus I Come

Lord I Need You

Message: Pastor Dave Vance

Special Music: Tears Fall

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