Thursday, January 28, 2016

I thought I was too tired

I haven't slept well this week - no idea why, so I'm tired today.  I kind of camped out in my office working on coming events and kept to myself mostly.

However, when you have a son having a birthday you buy cupcakes and embarrass him in front of the Student Ministry Worship team.  So I had a duty to know, mom's perfect timing.

And it was really worth it - got him good!

And then something else happened....

I saw the future stand before me on the Crossroads stage.

And behind me on the lighting board and on the sound board.

And behind the wall running all the video detail.

I became overwhelmed with the Lord's provision - His children, the future had become the present.

A multi-generational church is a blessed, healthy, growing church.  20 years have passed as if vapor and here we are preparing for another service with an auditorium full of young hope, young trust and new young overwhelming...

I can't wait for the weekend, I think everyone involved is under 30, (ok maybe not Dan, Arnie and I), but you get the idea!!

Can't wait for Student Takeover weekend!

The amazing brothers Stuckey

Nick and Austin

Beautiful Daughters of the King above
and below!

My precious friend Dan with his darling granddaughter right behind him!
Generations worshipping the Lord!

They are precious in His sight!

And in mine!!  Feeling very blessed to be part of this!

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