Monday, November 30, 2015

my day off

Boy oh boy has it gone fast!!

I basically spent my whole day shopping with Ron's mom, stopped to see the grand babies briefly and now I am trying to finish my Christmas shopping on-line!

I'm looking very forward to my last couple hours today however.

I'm getting ready to begin my Christmas Devotional time.  I'm very much looking forward with most of my personal Christmas preparation behind me, to sit down and begin to spiritually prepare.

This time of reflection, preparation and focus will be followed by a relaxing hot tub experience and then sleep.  I take none of this for granted.

I am very thankful to the Lord of the universe for caring enough to reach down through all of my junk and busyness - straight to my heart and that he keeps tugging me toward Him.

May our focus be laser focused this season.  This Christmas too will soon be passed, existing only as a distant memory and my prayer is that my life has made a difference during this precious time!

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