Tuesday, December 1, 2015

what I learned today....but now,

As I read the beautiful day 3 in my advent devotional, these words were pointed out by the author as 2 of the most powerful words in scripture....BUT NOW....

But now we are justified freely by his grace.... Powerful - eternity providing words!

My study today talked about how Cain killed his brother Abel and his blood cried out from the ground for justice and the new born Savior was born to offer his blood as our final sacrifice.   The answer to injustice.  The only sacrifice that forgives all sin and injustice forever.

Moving into this season - viewing Christmas through this lens changes everything.  The lights are pretty, the gift-giving a fun way to say 'I love you', but unfortunately unless we're VERY intentional about our God focus this year, it will just be another holiday.

I am going to try my best in Him, to remember within the holiday it's become - a reminder that the real cost of this time of year goes way beyond the cost of gifts and time - it cost a baby everything and a Father the sacrifice of His only son to give us eternal freedom.

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