Sunday, October 25, 2015

weekend report

This week was one for the books!  People often ask me how our process works as we prepare the weekend services.
It begins with God laying on Pastor Dave's heart what our congregation needs to hear, and then the staff begins to work.  Songs are chosen thematically to support the teachings, creative elements are dreamed up, missional work happens, caring for the sick takes place, preparing the teachings for the children and students happens, and the endless cleaning and maintenance of Crossroads is completed  and when it all comes together it's a perfect representation of all the different gifts and talents God gives to His children used to tell His story!
Just as the weekend was ready to being we had a staff member involved in an accident, a key volunteer too ill to serve and last minute volunteers that came to the rescue because they understand that God planned for us all to work together unselfishly giving of our time and talents!
This week's beautiful worship preparation took place, hours of video work happened as our dreams and ideas became reality - and our congregation responded by giving as they figuratively 'picked up their brick'!
Here is a peek behind the scenes!
Staff eating goodies 
snack break!  someone sent our staff an amazing box of goodies this week!
This was one early morning this week...thankful, so very thankful!
worship team
We worshiped - oh how we worshipped this weekend!!

Shooting videos includes some trial and error - here our base broke so the glass didn't break!

I can't wait to work on next week's services!

Our setlist:
Lord I'm Ready Now
Welcome and announcements - Jocelyn Nicolas
Unstoppable God
Forever Reign
It Is Well
Build That Wall -  theme song
Message: Nehemiah Pt. 4. Hand Me a Brick - Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song Lord I'm Ready Now

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