Friday, October 30, 2015

our amazing, talented, dedicated staff

I really don't have to say much...because what you're about to see,  are the people who make getting to Crossroads everyday so very good!  I love our staff, how close we all are, how much we all understand what everyone cares about and dedicates their lives to...I could go on and on and on...but they say a picture's worth 1,000 words!  Enjoy!

Their entrance actually brought a hush to the crowd as we stared in disbelief
also wondering how we would every be able to follow
Dan's lead in worship...(makeup and nails done too!)

Baby Margot

Rachael is our newest staff member - the new Coffee House manager
She was 'Star - buck' get it?  
Greg claims he came as himself - look at that cute pig-tailed wife!
(Not sure what Dan is doing...)

Even superheroes hold little ones!

Just hanging out!

Harry Potter family!

Madeline and Miss Clavel

A truly crazy duo!

Hippies and tourists enjoy one another's company.

Tourists complete with fanny packs!

Way, way too much food!

Inside Out

A competition to remember - Dan's wife had to
pull his dress down...

Miss Clavel with pretend ice cream

Tad returned...frightening!

Joseph kept pushing his wife off the roller cart!
Eric and Greg won

Tad trying to balance M & Ms

Jocelyn was the winner of the balancing game!

Oliver had a riot playing with the left-over game trash!

I'm forever grateful to be part of such a great staff...even when we look weird!

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