Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My will or God's?

I caught myself wasting time today worrying again.  Nothing dramatic, or horrible, just worry.

This says to the Lord LOUD AND CLEAR - that I don't trust Him.  I asked for His forgiveness...again!

Then I believe with all my heart the Lord brought to my attention an article written by John Piper about discerning the Will of God and I was reminded once again, that I don't have to figure everything out.   I just have to be obedient, lead strongly, love thoroughly and His will - WILL be done!

It most likely will look nothing like I wasted my time thinking about.  And could even contain difficult things, but I am praising Him of this reminder to trust!

So I'm following what I know I need to be doing anyway, and that's pouring over His Word, offering prayer continuously and leaning fully into what's before me with the trust of the birds - which worry not what they'll eat tomorrow...

And still they fulfill their Father's purpose!

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