Monday, October 19, 2015

my day off

Today I had an extremely blessed day - it will by my mom's 81st birthday Thursday so today my sister and I drug her around to all sorts of places to celebrate early!
My sister, my mom and myself - loving on one another!

We began at Starbucks of course - then made our way to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus.  It was beautiful and a great way to admire God's handicraft and care for amazing detail in the plants and flowers and colors everywhere!

cement faces hide among the cactus in the dessert display

Beautiful pieces of blown glass add color to this spot in the gardens

Private donors put up enough money to purchase many of the
Chihuly glass artwork pieces that are now a permanent part
of the Conservatory.

God's care about detail really was apparent in these
tiny 'pitcher plants'.  They looked just like water pitchers!

The Scary Plant display was up for Halloween.
This was all made out of plants and veggies - you can see the detail in the hand below!

There was an entire row of large jars with 'pickled pumpkin faces' in them

The Koi swam peacefully and were huge!
It was a great day of much laughter, reminiscing and plans for the Holidays fast approaching - it made me very, very thankful to have had such an amazing example of Godly mothering in my life... and she's still going strong at 81 years young!!

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