Thursday, November 6, 2014

serving and sewing

Tonight I had the privilege of not only serving some of the ladies of Crossroads, but serving WITH some of my good friends!

We taught the ladies and girls that came how to hand sew hems, repairs and replace buttons!  It was good to watch ladies with great talents share their knowledge with other women.

As we worked with them, we heard the weekend worship being prepared in the background, laughter coming from the office area as the GoMissions team worked on preparing all the children's gift lists and also the grunts and strains of the Aikido class down the hall.  A church, on a week night serving, preparing and pushing God's kingdom forward!  No where I'd rather be than in the local church!
Jean assisting a young lady with her stitching

teaching hand-sewing

Jeanette and Patty preparing the treats!

Jackie demonstrating hemming

Milo and the team getting ready for another amazing weekend

Melissa cracking the whip with the vocalists

GoMissions team preparing the Adopt-A-Charge cards

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