Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dr. Kevin Leman in the house

There is an excitement at Crossroads right now as we finish preparing for Dr. Kevin Leman to arrive.  

It's so satisfying to me, that we are able to offer our congregation one of the most well-known, celebrated Christian psychologists in the entire country.  When it comes to working with Christian families and couples He's the guy!  God is so generous!
We've hosted enough celebrated people to be well grounded in the knowledge that they are just people like you and me that God's presented somewhat extraordinary opportunities to-  who have followed him obediently to serve the body of Christ!
Last night as I finished organizing all of his books that shipped in, I was thinking about the families that would touch each book.  Please join me in praying for every hurting family and marriage as well as young couples preparing for marriage.  May this weekend play an important part in their lives.
That's what Christianity is all about, new beginnings, and I couldn't be more thankful that we have this tremendous opportunity to play just a tiny part in offering those new beginning and strengthening our communities' families!  Please plan to attend this weekend and bring everyone you know with you!  Especially those who may be struggling in any kind of a relationship.
If you haven't already purchased tickets for the Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday night workshops, there should still be tickets available at the doors and we will have them available at the long information counter on your left as you enter Crossroads lobby this weekend!

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