Tuesday, November 4, 2014

freedom wasn't free

This morning I've been thinking about all the people before me that sacrificed so that I can vote today.

People that gave their lives for MY freedom
People that bravely fight behind the scenes to try and keep God values alive in the US

I am free to walk into a voting place without harassment, without fear of any kind and vote for who I think would please the Lord with their decisions.  Will any candidate really change things for the better?   We may never really know!   What we have to walk away believing is that God is in charge - and we just exercised a practice that very few places around the world get to participate in!

This may not always be the case - so I plan to take FULL advantage of my rights today.

If you're not planning to vote today then you've fallen into the enemies trap of believing your vote doesn't count.  That's crazy!  There ARE honest people involved in the process - I personally know a couple of the people behind the desk at our voting location and they LOVE the Lord with all their hearts!

Is every candidate honest ?   No.

But, how cool would it be if God chose to turn the evil to good in the US and give his people a new voice - don't you want to be part of that?

I'm not pushing either party - it has NOTHING to do with that - the fact is our freedom was purchased with a huge cost and we honor those who gave their lives, and limbs, and quality of life for us!

And, by not voting you have NO voice - you have no right to complain - and some day you may not even have an option to vote.  Please don't give that right away.

Freedom wasn't free.

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