Sunday, April 6, 2014

weekend report

Goodness…I don't think there could POSSIBLY be more going on at Crossroads this weekend if we tried!  Pastor Tim's wife, Michelle's was on the praise team for the last time this weekend. Michelle helped him begin Crossroads 18 years ago!

The weekend was full of perspective interns visiting from Asbury University, artists working on Easter set design with elementary praise team rehearsing across the hall, and our Cambodia missionaries Aaron and Jocelyn shot a music video that ran during worship with our band…I could go on and on but please allow me to show you some of the weekend instead!

Our missionary, Jocelyn, (my daughter) worshipping in the background on music video

The rescued orphans of Asia's Hope worshipping behind our team on music video

Michelle has been leading worship since Crossroads began 18 years ago…her final day

Michelle, Angie and Penny - together for years on the praise team

Our team this weekend saying goodbye to Michelle

Easter set design painting

2 of our artists working on Easter

Our artists at Crossroads are involved in nearly every special service!

Our Setlist:

Announcements on Video:  Main focus Easter Promo
One Thing Remains - Music video shot in Cambodia with our live band and vocalists joining in!
A Mighty Fortress
Man Of Sorrows
Our God Saves
Message:  JOHN Pt. 12     Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song:  Our God Saves

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