Wednesday, April 16, 2014

my birthday

Many times my birthday falls during the week of Easter and even several times on Easter itself.  This makes it difficult to even think about since the ministry is all about Easter and what goes into it!  And honestly at my age - I really don't care about celebrating at all!

This year was different.

It started on a rainy Monday earlier this week,  when we went to Easton to shop and spend time relaxing- knowing it might be our only celebration time.  It was one of my favorite days in a very long time!  I came home with a few things, but mainly just very relaxed, especially unusual on Easter week!

But, today, a work day surpassed all my expectations!  I got to be with my friends and they gave me many warm happy birthday greetings and funny cards and very meaningful cards and gifts. I am a very, very blessed woman!

Jesse and Eric - horse heads for the Country Western series
This was one of the first things I received - a Happy Birthday text from my grandson!

There were things that made me laugh - like the crazy Student Ministry Pastors - and very thoughtful  treats - my favorite flavor lemon - which caused me to immediately gain weight!

Claire could be a professional baker!

A few of the notes I received were extremely kind, meaningful and quite surprising.  Some of the beautiful young women I work with, are girls that God has given me the privilege of loving in my home and in groups at Crossroads.  I now am surrounded by them at work and I will NEVER take this for granted!  I beg all of you reading this, to take time out of your schedule to build into other people's lives - it will come back to reward you in the most shocking ways and at unexpected times.  Everything we do with the limited years of our lives matter!

My older girlfriends at work blessed me with more of my favorite things as we laughed over the funny cards and talked about the next time we will be able to get away together and our hopes and plans for the future at Crossroads!  I love them!

Crossroads staff
At lunch I snapped a picture of all my friends at Crossroads, (missing a couple of staff that had appointments), I praised the Lord that He has allowed me to be part of this amazing group for so many years.  And I understand in a new way the only thing that makes birthdays matter to me is being surrounded by the people I adore and the job I love so much!

The only sad thing of the whole day was our very last programming meeting with Pastor Tim!  He will be missed more than I can EVER explain!
Final programming meeting with Pastor Tim

And finally a quiet dinner out with the love of my life, my hubby!  I figured out it was my 38th birthday with him - again, I'm a very blessed woman!

Thank you all for a really, really great day!

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