Monday, December 9, 2013

my day off

This weekend was one of the very first weekend's I've taken off from Crossroads in 15 years and just spent the day at home.  Although I have to admit the reason I took the week off was in case my mom needed me additional nights following her surgery last week.  She didn't, so I just watched our services from home.  We are blessed with amazing praise and tech teams indeed!

Today I just have a few cards to finish and I continue the journey through time by capturing all my family's videos on my computer to create DVDs for Christmas for everyone.

Brother, talk about reliving the past!

God blessed us by making it possible for us to sell our first little house and purchase a double that we could rent one side of - allowing me to be home with our kids.  This was priceless.

Day after day I could let them sleep in, and run around the house in pjs or just diapers.  I video taped a whole lot!   As I watched videos of Eric chattering and laughing as a 2 yr. old in the tub, and listened as Jocelyn sang her way through every room of the house, memories came flooding back.  My life is moving fast.  And my kids are moving even faster!

I ache for lost friends that ONLY have this life.  That only have these memories.

All of us that God has extended grace to in the form of a Savior, we are the blessed ones.  We understand that this is temporary in a very good way, not sad way.  We live life to the fullest not in the way the world does - but using our memories, our past good or bad,  to grow closer to Him and move toward Him.

As I write my final few Christmas cards this morning, that's what Merry Christmas means to me.

The future, not the past.

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