Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crossroads at it's most amazing

Adopt-A-Child is happening right now at Crossroads!  Many think this is just a chance to meet the physical needs of some of Richland County's most needy children which is EXTREMELY needed but unless you attend this event you miss seeing and feeling how God is honored in this, and how far reaching this event is.

I have to give a shout out to one of my closest friends and one of Crossroads greatest assets!  Darlene Rudrick heads up our Missions area both local, national and international while working a full-time job!   She has one of the greatest 'Jesus views' of people that I've ever known.  She sees people as God sees them - never judgmental, never caring what it costs her physically, mentally or spiritually.  she challenges me with her life!

During Adopt-A-Child we send people home with gifts for children who may not otherwise have Christmas - we send people home with gifts that may have entitlement attitudes - we send people out that may be walking through the doors of a church for the first time - and we send people out that accepted the Lord while here, whose lives just changed forever.

You see it doesn't matter if we're thanked, or met with excitement, we do this out of obedience to the Savior that came as a child so that we could accept this precious gift - the ultimate gift of eternal life!

This morning one of our volunteers got to lead a young adult woman to the Lord!  i immediately ran to the cookie room and told all the volunteers' there that their serving allows them to share in the eternal celebration!  They said, "that's true, we're one big team no matter what our 'job' is at the Adopt-A-Child event"!  Awesome to see that realization come across their faces …

We are here until 3:00 or 4:00 today - stop in or call the Crossroads office and ask how and when you can help!!

 I wanted to show you some pictures of our day here at crossroads…

Crossroads auditorium

every gift is placed in gift bags

a precious time of prayer with all the volunteers

Eric - Alyssa and Oliver chatting with a young mother who came for her babies' gifts
This makes me more proud than anything they could do!

precious hand-made tags by a dear lady on every single package

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