Thursday, November 21, 2013

things that matter

We can spend the precious minutes of our day investing in things that are eternal or things that are temporary.

I cleaned out my purse & wallet and removed the receipts that I knew I had no need to keep and tossed them in this metal box.

When I re-entered the room later it dawned on me that each receipt represents minutes of my life that I traded for whatever it was I purchased.

First I worked for the money that bought the items, then I spent time shopping in order to buy them and finally spent time sorting through all the items in my purse and wallet in order to dispose of them.

I wondered if anything on those receipts was really worth having and how much more of an eternal way the money could have been used?  Probably nothing on them was even an actual need.

Later today I was at my parents home.

My mom was just diagnosed with uterine cancer.  After dinner I walked to the couch and noticed her Bible on the table.
The pages were very worn - she had placed tabs on the different books of the Bible to make finding the desired passage easier.

Every time her fingers have touched those pages it's an eternal touch.  Minutes that count for eternity as she studies and applies the truths from God to her life.  These minutes make up the life of the amazing woman she is.

And now all the times she's read those well worn pages they'll come back to lift my parents through this nervous time of surgery and evaluation.

The God that created her knows every cell of her body and loves her more than any of us ever have because He is her eternal Father.

The things we buy, they things we love, the things we give in exchange for those precious fleeting minutes of our days must count for eternity...  or they don't count at all.

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