Saturday, November 2, 2013

out in the community

I realized recently that I need to get out into the community more.  I live a very secluded life.

How can I have an opportunity to share my faith - to help those who need help if I don't get out?

Last night my hubby and I volunteered for a dance performance surrounded by people we don't know from the Mansfield area.  It was great to meet new people - do something really different plus enjoy great talent!

Today I will just be 'in' and spend some time preparing for the evening service - one of my greatest privileges.  I pray that God can use our teams' weekly preparation to help someone begin their journey with Him this weekend.

It often surprises us what is the turning point in people's lives at Crossroads, a certain song, a scripture Pastor Tim uses or a practical application to the Bible -
the Word of God that people thought was written long ago but certainly could hold no relevance in their life today, suddenly comes alive as God reveals Himself to them…  whatever God chooses to use to draw them to Him - I pray it will happen again this weekend.

Please watch as you're out in the community, just doing your everyday life - for an opportunity to bring someone with you to Crossroads, or hand them an oval card and invite them to come.  This time of the year is a time that people think about family, about how unfulfilling their lives have been this past year.

In each of us there is a need to know our creator, a need most people try to fill with other things.  Please be the one that goes out in the community these next few weeks, to bring them in.

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