Thursday, November 7, 2013

putting it together

This sums up my day - I spent the entire day 'putting it together'.  Whether it was relationally or just trying to create a cohesive - God inspired Christmas service, it was all about the putting together.

I just can hardy wrap my head around how close the holidays are!  This puts BIG pressure on us to be at our very best creatively - so we've been meeting and brainstorming and praying!  And now the search begins for the perfect elements...

Many things behind the scenes take our staff and volunteers hours and hours to prepare - one of the events that began today was our Adopt-A-Child preparations.  The Go Mission Team worked most of the day putting needy children's names and information on the adoption cards that will be available this weekend for our congregation.  This team works so hard to tap into existing organizations in our community that serve the needy - to help us identify and serve the very most underprivileged children in Richland County!  Our GoMission's team is one of the Crossroads team's I look up to the most!  They help us fulfill the great commission to GO!

Go Missions team beginning to prepare for Adopt-A-Child
Adopt-A-Child cards

I spent the last part of my day reviewing Christmas music...

Vern helped me by wagging his tail whenever I picked a good one!

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