Wednesday, December 29, 2010

back to work

Today I went back to work. Well, I've been working at home remotely, so I guess I mean back into the building of Crossroads.

It was surreal to walk through the empty halls of Crossroads - devoid of most of the staff as well as the hundreds...several thousand actually who attended just days ago.

It was amazing to watch the Christmas series unfold and become reality this past week. We watched as ideas became 3 dimensional and the message was proclaimed clearly for all to understand. The Holy Spirit moved people - I watched it. Eyes being wiped, families hugging as they sat with loved ones who seldom walk through the doors of church - anxious sideway glances to see if they were taking in the Christmas message. Christmas was everything we hoped for, worked for and prayed for.

God sent His only Son. And we celebrated that sending.

It was a blessing to be back to work today, to put things away and to move on to our next opportunity to produce ideas, create new things and give Him our best. So good.

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