Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it occurred to me

Christmas is almost here and I am not ready, at least not at home.

I have been working only to prepare at church, not home. So, yesterday I shopped with my mom and sister to begin preparing! We tried to take a picture of ourselves, but, it didn't go well. Finally a sympathetic stranger snapped one for us - although it was still out of focus!

I love my mom and sister and I don't take the fun that we have together for granted. I know many families don't get to enjoy one another like we

Due to a friend's amazing coupons, we enjoyed fabulous savings at Bath and Body Works and went on to make a few more purchases! Today I wrapped gifts and made lists, so I am on my way to being ready for Christmas which feels really good.

Hurrying to get all the details prepared allows me to fully focus on Christmas and all that this amazing time of year is really about!

Do you feel that you ever get to fully embrace Christmas - or do you just hurry around and miss the true Christmas ? Please share any suggestions that you use to keep your Christmas you have please!

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