Tuesday, September 18, 2018

stealing my freedom

I'm growing weary of everyone else's selfish, sinful decisions stealing my freedom.

All through history it's really what's driven any destructive era of time.  One man or a group of people decide they want something to change, or that their evil desires are most important and it drives movement.  Typically a movement that doesn't consider what the majority of people believe or want.

Even when I've heard of horrible things people have done in our own country, when it's not happening to me, it doesn't effect how I live.  I intend to be more attentive to what's going on in other's lives and pray more, lots more.

This week I've paid attention, I've paid close attention.  Authorities are still telling us not to leave our houses or cars unlocked, and to stay inside if we can.

This morning I had a window of time I could be sitting in my favorite spot on our deck and I've decided to be obedient and do what I've been asked and stay inside.  Not fair!

The sin of even one man can change our lives.

Just like Adam did in the garden.

These troubled people desperately need The Savior and keep looking in all the wrong, selfish, pointless places...

But just like we've been taught from God's Word - evil, trouble, disappointment, sickness always drives us to our knees.  It's completely understandable why God allows trouble in our lives.

We turn to Him. 

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