Saturday, September 1, 2018

deciding on my day

I'm so thankful that I can sit in peace on my deck for a while this morning and just think about what I need to do with this day.

I woke up not feeling great, a bad headache and just kind of the first thing I did was pray not to actually be coming down with something.

I had a restless night waking up several times from dreams that caused me to never go into a deep sleep.

When I wake up during the night I try to turn my thought toward the Lord and not allow myself to lay there worrying about anything.  Maybe that's why the Lord allowed the crazy dreams?

These folders represent my open projects...
guess they'll stay open a little longer.
There was much on my to-do list for today, but I may not accomplish much so I'm trusting the Lord to accomplish what He needs to have done with this day...

I pray your day is full of God's goodness and opportunities to recognize His touch on your day.  He's allowing you to be part of this day if you're His child so just remain in Him and may you see what He intends.  If you remain in Him - I bet you'll see ordinary become extraordinary.

I would love to hear about what you feel God's purpose is for today!

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