Tuesday, September 4, 2018

August is gone

As I sat down to work on my August Elder Report early this morning, I remembered again that the days I was giving account for are never to be lived again.  The Lord did amazing things at Crossroads, yet still it caused me to really examine my own life.

What things did I personally spend my August days doing that will count for all of eternity?

This could sound dramatic and negative, but is it?

Maybe the simple things, the everyday things are what God counts most.

I remember the day my hubby and I lit up the face of a tired waitress complimenting her and leaving her an encouraging tip.

I remember planning and cooking meals for my family and what pleasure that brings me.

I remember visiting my lonely mom numerous times and breaking up her long days.

I remember encouraging a very discouraged ministry leader outside of Crossroads.

Loving, being kind, being dependable, working with excellence, caring for your family, being generous with what God has provided, all of these are things we each can do daily that will show evidence of Jesus in our lives.

There's a new stirring in my soul causing me to be thankful for the countless little, unknown, simple ways my daily life allows me to live for eternity.  My prayer today is to not miss even one opportunity to encourage others and be an example of how God changes lives!

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