Monday, August 6, 2018

weekend report

If I had to describe this weekend the first words that come to mind are - "a weekend crammed with blessings"!

I found everything about this weekend personally gratifying and found myself thanking the Lord constantly for all He accomplished!  I don't think God could have sent a stronger encouragement to us all as we watched so many first-time attendees attend the Crossroads services, as well as witnessed changed lives as our Elders, staff and friends baptized many people taking their Next Steps for Christ!  So, so good!

I'm counting the weekend as beginning on Friday when we got to go see the amazing Nicole bring the 3 intense weeks of Super Hero Training Academy to an end at John's Park.  The kids enjoyed a bouncy house, snow cone truck and lots of games and snacks ON TOP of their reading improving preparing them to be successful in school this year.  Crossroads' City Center is helping kids!

Miss Nicole my super hero!

A precious little-one from the program!
Also, the City Center does not just serve children - each week our Celebrate Recovery program faithfully serves our community as well!  A very balanced use of our new City Center - part of 20/20!

But, even in what is good for us others are suffering - I began my Saturday by paying my respects at a funeral for a deceased father of one of our dedicated Video volunteers and great friend.  This was an important reminder once again, no matter what we have planned our lives are very short...

Next I stopped at Crossroads as they were finishing the 2,000 Backpack packing that our mission's team organized.  We have the chance to serve large amounts of Mansfield's neediest children by packing school supplies and at Christmas time providing gifts to families that community agencies identify!

The brains and muscle behind most of the opportunities Crossroads has locally, nationally and internationally all begin with Darlene.  She is a gift to Crossroads as she continues to create innovating missional opportunities for our congregation!  Everyone has the chance to be involved with missions!

On Friday Darlene gave instructions to everyone
waiting to sort the backpack supplies!

This is my friend Darlene.  So smart and so
dedicated to make missions come alive at Crossroads!

Anxious, willing volunteers giving their time to pack for needy children!

Next I headed downtown to the Brickyard where "Ballet in the Brickyard" was being set up.  I draw great energy from God's great creativity, with how he gifts people differently, even how He removes every excuse for not knowing Him simply through the creativity He displays in nature.  This scripture is what he showed me to support what we discussed.

Romans 1:19 & 20

The NEOS event in the Brickyard has continued to grow each year and I count it a great privilege that our Crossroads Art Group gets invited each year to be the group working 'live'.   Many of Mansfield's  best artists display their work, but we work live and it's such an opportunity to talk to people!

One of our artists, James,  even did a painting that featured dancers from the NEOS company from photography he did previously - that dancer bought it!  It was so much fun to watch her pleasure at seeing this painting!  We also got to talk to many people that were curious about Crossroads - we had Crossroads cards displayed that they took - even some of our Shelby cards!  We should all be very proud of the level of art our artists create, this group helps me do set design, picture ops for our lobby and various other events throughout the year.

This is where we were set up in front of the License Bureau.
Pam Frederici's gorgeous painting!  I appreciate Pam serving
so faithfully every time I need help - she's very talented and a
good friend!

This was Erin Watson's display - I hope Erin will have the chance to
do more with us in the future! She does beautiful calligraphy!

James Fleeson provided great "Mansfield' art!

This is Lucy - own of our students from Crossroads!
Nothing makes us happier than to see all the generations
working together - older to welcome young and mentoring
them - convincing them of what they can become!  And the
generations above them demonstrating by their very lives how God
affects your life and uses your talents! 

This beautiful dance group called NEOS is lead by one of my favorite
local couples!  Bobbie Wesner and his wife.  The ironic thing as I continue to
get to work with them, is my sister and her husband had 1 or both of them
in the youth group they once lead!  

Richland Academy's younger dancers also performed Saturday and were outstanding!
This beautiful ballet ending to Saturday will be one I will remember for a long time!

Sunday morning at Crossroads was SO exciting as we greeted many new visitors again!  I talked to one new couple we attended Saturday night and returned on Sunday they were so taken with the strong message and all they experienced in the Lord!   Oh my encouraging!

Ernesto leading the team!

After our wonderful services, we worked to prepare final details for our outdoor baptism!
Pastor Dave and the Elders of Crossroads!

Jesse's oldest daughter - baptized by daddy!
Doesn't get any better than that.

One of my good friend Judi, who herself has been through a ton recently,
spoke of a friend whose name she wrote under the carpet at our last Crossroads
location - and now years later, had the privilege of baptizing her precious friend!

My contribution - trying to balance the Rice Krispy Treats while dodging
my dog Vern who was trying to get in the Jeep.

It's a beautiful day when you watch your hubby baptize too!

As I said in the beginning, this was a weekend full of blessings, but also the furthering of God's Kingdom for all of eternity!!

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