Thursday, August 3, 2017

weekend reports

My schedule has been crazy!   I haven't blogged for so long I was afraid the account was closed down!

Playing catch up by posting 3 weekends at once!

3 weekends ago it was a very special weekend as we prayed over a huge number of students as they prepared to leave on their missions trip to Louisville.  It was extremely moving as we saw the stage filled with students taking steps to draw closer to their Savior as they served.

Crossroads Student ministry preparing to leave for their mission trip to Louisville.
Pastor Dave prayed over our kids!

Pastor Dave continuing our Origins series  - so good!

Two weekends ago our Young Adult band lead us in worship.  I love all of our worship teams, but I find this team so encouraging as I see the generations below us rising up as they lift their lives,  their voices and their giftedness to the Lord!

Our Young Adults not only lead us in worship, but served in our tech areas as well - we started with prayer.

This last weekend the team lead us as we learned about the importance as Baptism!  We worshipped, learned from God's Word and people made decisions to take next steps in baptism!  Very exciting!

I just wanted to catch up a little on what's been going on at Crossroads, and this just scratches the surface!

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