Sunday, August 6, 2017

weekend report...among other things

It was another powerful weekend at Crossroads!  Pastor Dave started the Desperation Series today by teaching on 'Fighting Desperation', this is going to be a great series of study and worship!  I heard multiple comments on what the service meant to them - I'm so thankful!

To listen to Part 1 of Desperation - go to on Monday and click on Messages to find the message you want to listen to.   This weekend's message goes up Monday.

I'm so thankful for our praise team and their dedication!

Our setlist:

Jeanette Chase our Director of Family Ministry took care of announcements for us, as we anticipate hosting the simulcast of the Global Leadership Summit next Thursday and Friday! (there are still tickets available on our website)

Do It Again
My Heart Is Yours
Glorious Day
Bumper video
Message:  Desperation Pt. 1 - Fighting Desperation
Special Music: Even If
God is Able

I've just never been more thankful for our church and all it's doing to reach people for the Lord! There were more first time visitors in attendance again today that we got to show around and still others signing up to be baptized next Sunday taking next steps in their spiritual maturity!  Nothing more encouraging!

As we prepare to learn from some of the top leaders around the world this week at the Global Leadership Summit, I've been reading Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership.  In it I've read about Moses' leadership journey.  Quite the story!  A major part of his surrender to the Lord involved solitude.  An extended time alone with the Lord.  I love this description of the work of solitude.

Just as the physical law of gravity ensures that sediment swirling in a jar of muddy river water will eventually settle and the water will become clear, so the spiritual law of gravity ensures that the chaos of the human soul will settle if it sits still long enough.

I hope to grab a little solitude, to sit still before the the Lord this week and prepare well for all of the leadership principles I'll get to learn and be reminded of at the end of the week.

I pray your week will be full of some 'settling' and listening to the will of the Lord!

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