Thursday, August 24, 2017

weekend report

It's been a while since I've written.

I messed up and lost my domain temporarily - but was able to get it back fortunately!  So here I am.

It's been so busy at Crossroads that I barely get to think about what's next, but thankfully I get to do life with staff I love - while pursuing our ultimate goal to provide as many opportunities for people to know our Savior and grow closer to Him in their daily lives as we possibly can.  Always with a focus on eternity, not the problems of today!

As we carry on the daily work I try take time to praise Him and thank Him for all he's given us at Crossroads.

This past week our praise team did an awesome job leading us in a great time of worship with our praise choir as Pastor Jesse completed the Desperation series.

 Our Setlist:

Glorious Day
Amazing Grace My Sins Are Gone
Revelation Song
Series Bumper video
Message: The Gift of Desperation  - Jesse Rider
Exit Song - Wonder

It's amazing to watch ministry during the week when the services are over and not everyone is there.

I watched a beloved friend who serves weekly move about the office cleaning the bathrooms and washing our towels.  She just quietly moves through our work zone, doing what she does to make our areas so wonderfully clean and neat!

Today was also a good example of the church at work as we hosted a funeral meal for one of our precious senior attendees.  My husband and I had been in his families' home for card parties, Christmas get togethers and meals together.  He always had some teasing for me and I'll miss him. This weekend there will be one more empty seat in our auditorium, instead of being there he's sitting with my dad, looking at the face of the King of Kings!  How amazing is that?

We have a team of volunteers that do a beautiful job of serving our funeral meals at Crossroads and I got to witness them 'doing what they do' so well to comfort and serve a family experiencing loss.

the Crossroads kitchen full of generous serving

This is ministry.

And I'll never tire of being part of it!

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