Saturday, July 8, 2017

giving the day to God

As we begin another weekend where our families' focus will be on the church, the scripture I read this morning discussed that fact that the Law is useless if we preach it to others and do not obey it ourselves, if we don't live it.

God is not impressed with pastors, leaders, elders, anyone who knows the Gospel, THE LAW, the right things to say or teach, but fail to live what they teach or tell others.

So my personal prayer for the weekend is that He'll give me practical ways to live out His commands, to demonstrate how He affects my everyday life and that everything else I could choose to do with my life is second to Him.

It means nothing to stand on stage, to be called 'the leader', to give instruction to others, unless I can also constantly show practical application in my everyday life.   Perfection is impossible, not even a goal, but rather an obedient consistency is what I offer Him, is all I can humanly strive to offer Him.  All of me.

So I begin by giving the day to God.

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