Tuesday, May 9, 2017

what I learned today

I think I may be learning more in this season in my life than I have since I first entered the work force!

Maybe it's because I'm listening!

The book I'm reading right now is about God's Grace.  The chapter I'm in discusses God's anger and his total intolerance of anything evil.  Even when His children are involved in wrong things.

"God gets angry because every form of disobedience always results in self-destruction, and what kind of father sits by and watched his children hurt themselves?"

Romans 1:28 "And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to 'a debased mind to do' what ought not to be done."

This is one of the most convicting passages in scripture when it goes on to list all the unrighteous things God hated that they were participating in.  He lists murder in the same sentence as envy and gossip and slander...convicting.

I've never heard it explained in this way, but it's convicting to think about this - to consider every form of disobedience or sin you can think of leads toward self-destruction.

If I could think and consider before speaking, believing that every word from my mouth, every sinful thought or sinful action will lead me toward self-destruction, you would think it would cause a huge change.

I'm on my knees tonight praising God for His grace!

What I learned today was that God's grace is endless and His anger originates in His love for us!

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