Monday, May 8, 2017

weekend report

I was so thankful for this past week and weekend!  We had a blast together as a staff, away for a couple of days talking strategically as well as worshipping and goofing around!

And then we got to be part of the weekend as we worshipped together and soaked up the next teaching in the Doubting Doubts series.  It's so good - I was re-listening to the past 3 messages today while I tried to get caught up at home.  I was thankful our messages can be accessed at any time through our website or APP and on the Christian radio.

Here are a couple of the shots I took of our ministry this weekend!

Our communion team is such a blessing!

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Nothing is better than working with the
man you've loved for the past 40+ years!

We ended the weekend with our security drills - our security team
is the best!!
Our setlist:

Pre-service:   Nothing Can Separate us/You're Here
Video Announcements:
Praise:  Call Upon the Lord
Say The Word
Man of Sorrows
Communion: Man of Sorrows Instrumental
No Longer Slaves
Doubting Doubts Bumper video
Message:  Can There Really Only be One True Religion?  And is Jesus God?
Exit Song:  No Longer Slaves

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Have a blessed week!

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