Sunday, February 19, 2017


Cambodia is a very lost country trying to recover from untold evil and is such an example of what I mentioned earlier - people that understand their need to worship, but just don't know our Lord.

As I stood on my balcony this morning overlooking a couple of shops across the road from our hotel, I could hear the pointless, repetitive, endless chanting of a lost culture seeking their gods.

The sadness nearly overwhelmed me realizing there would never be a god response to their worship.

What more can be done to tell even more of the lost how to know the only true God?  It's the reason we continue to come.

In complete contrast we got to worship the true God!
And it was beautiful!

Students get selected to be part of the praise team and work very hard to lead the congregation.  Just listen to how loudly the children and their home parents sing!  I would give anything for everyone at Crossroads to abandon whatever it is that holds them back from worshipping their precious Lord! Whether we realize it or not, we've been rescued from just as horrible an existence as these children have been when we walked away from sin and received God's eternal forgiveness!

I watched with great pride and thankfulness as my hubby was invited to give the message today - teaching on what our response should be when bad things happen.

And then he got asked to dedicate BB3's first grand-baby, little Jess!  Talk about an honor!

This is proud Grandpa and Grandma - Savy and Sem with momma Channa

Pastor Savorn and Ron dedicated this new little one to the Lord!
As worship ended, we found out that while we poured our hearts out to the Lord and loved the children surrounding us, someone was stealing BB7's brand new shirts we brought over for them, from the clothesline.  This caused us great sorrow and made all of us determined to pray for the funds to build them a wall that would keep them safe from the outside world!

It also gave us an immediate opportunity to apply what Ron had taught us!

One of our final days here is drawing to a close and I am so very grateful once again to have had the honor to serve these amazing people and pray that our team's sacrifice to come will have lasting impact for the kingdom of God!

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