Tuesday, February 14, 2017

the village

Yesterday we had an amazing opportunity.

You know us Americans - always trying to feel like we've 'saved the world'! That isn't how it works in Cambodia.

Our part to play is partnering with the Asia's Hope amazing staff. The indigenous people are FAR more affective in reaching their country for the Lord then we will ever be.

Yesterday was a prime example of us supporting the staff as we went to a very poor area where the chief brought together the most poor of 3 individual little villages. He was kind of like the mayor of that area.

When we arrived the people were patiently waiting. Some sitting in the hot sun. Children behaving as I've never seen before.

First the Asia's Hope kids danced for them - the words to the songs they had chosen truly telling the story of Jesus. And then they heard the message of salvation from Ron and Savorn.

And from what we could tell, people responded. So powerful!

We then got to serve them with a small amount of money for each family, a small amount to us - which equaled 2 days wages - significant to them. I was impressed again watching the organizational skills of the Asia's Hope leaders having each person's name on an envelope - knowing exactly who was included so that there was no 'extras' wondering in.

We then opened suitcases revealing toys, clothing and candy for the kids. And the fun began!

This beautiful lady and I kept locking eyes - I wanted to know her so badly

So far, this is my favorite picture. I found myself fascinated by this man.

I'm not sure what it was that I found so intriguing about this man? I wanted to know his story, if he had a family or was alone, will I spend eternity with him - a brother in Christ?

Below are the faces of grateful people receiving their gifts.

generous toy and clothing contributuions

One of my favorite team mates serving this beautiful lady!

How can I return to such wealth compared to the rest of the world? Why has God poured out His blessings on us?

Surely our over abundance of physical blessings must come with accountability, with Godly expectations and responsibilities?

Lord help me to know what is required of me!

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