Friday, November 11, 2016

grateful to our veterans

I have an afternoon today, for the first time I can remember to just work at home. So I decided it was a perfect time to review some new music for Christmas while I worked. I've fallen in love with the version of Silent Night my daughter showed me yesterday, it's by a group called Future of Forestry.

Recently I emptied my entire attic and purged nearly everything. One thing I didn't get rid of were my frames, and of course my framed pictures that weren't currently hanging or sitting in our home. I probably had 40 of various sizes.

So today I decided to sort the frames, label the tubs and get those sorted correctly. Within these frames were both original art as well as photography that I count precious of our kids, weddings and distant relatives.

As I worked the wind picked up outside and the flag flapping widely caught my eye. I couldn't stop watching it fly against the nearly artificial looking beauty of the fall. It caused me to draw in a grateful breath and just watch, just pause, just take it in.

Immediately I thought of our dear Veterans, and their selfless sacrifice for my freedom and was filled with such gratitude. These amazing veterans are the reason I can sit hear listening to whatever I want to, to praise my Lord out loud for all to hear and to worship anywhere I choose.

I thank you all sincerely and I pray that you'll draw close to the Lord on this special day and know He understands sacrifice and loves you!

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