Monday, May 2, 2016

weekend report

I think it would have been humanly impossible to add another element to this past weekend at Crossroads!  It took an army to accomplish everything - and we have AMAZING volunteers on our teams that did a spectacular job!

Pastor Dave finished our Final Destination series and we enjoyed a children's opening song - Child Dedication and baptism all in one service.  It was an extraordinary example of life change and spiritual maturity steps being taken by our congregation.  So good!!

Great weekend of worship!

3 or my favorite girls!  So faithful!

I love this picture of the kids rehearsing around Dan's piano!

Aaron constantly focused on doing his best!

Some of our darling Crossroads kids!

Our kids - so serious!

9:00 Service Child Dedication families walking through 'the plan' preservice!
Our Setlist:

Video Announcements:  Jocelyn Nicolas - one of our Worship Leaders and Student Ministry Staff

Follow - The children's opening song

Pastor Dave explained Baptism and Child Dedication

Good, Good Father
From the Inside Out-  Baptisms happened during this song
The Stand

Final Destination Bumper Video transition

Message:  Final Destination:  Pt. 5 Answer of Afterlife - Lead Pastor Dave Vance

Exit Song;   The Stand

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