Monday, July 20, 2015

weekend report

Oh my, Oh my!  It was such a blessing this entire weekend and it was PACKED!  There's a stirring deep within this place called Crossroads and God's Holy Spirit is moving!

So many different missions teams were commissioned and sent out - there was great worship and technical support which set up a powerfully challenging message to kick off our ByDesign series - lives were changed!

Here are some of the images!

Pastor Dave praying for our Mission Teams preparing to leave.

Pastor Dave introducing Darlene Rudrick - our Missions Leader!
I cannot say enough about our dedicated Praise Teams and Technical Teams!

Happy to have Allyson Vance as part of our team this weekend!

The vans waiting for our Students to leave for Louisville!

Takes a bunch of food to feed 59 Students!

The final prayer before the Students left.
Our Setlist:

Announcements:  Kristi Massa

We Fall Down
The One That Really Matters
Great Are You Lord

Missions Team Commissioning Prayer - Pastor Dave Vance

Message: ByDesign Pt. 1: Faulty Design - Pastor Dave Vance

Exit Song: Multiplied

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