Wednesday, July 15, 2015

can I really make a difference

I've been wondering lately if I can really make a difference.

Not in a I'm giving up trying sort of way, but kind of a paralyzed sort of way.

Have you ever felt strongly about something but didn't begin doing anything about it because you believe the lie that 'little ole you' can't make a difference with this real big problem?

That's where I am right now with the issue of abortion and the loss of precious, innocent life, lives that belong to the Lord!  What can I do?

I've been praying about it and have been horrified to learn even
more about what happens to the babies.

Although there are endless evils that our country now accepts that we once took a stand against, I wonder if this issue is one of the biggest abominations to the Lord that we've ever embraced as acceptable?

For some reason, I just can't get this issue off my mind, so I'm trying to listen and preparing to obey.

"Lord, I pray for an awakening against this horrible issue - please use me if there is anything you feel I can do!  I pray for mom's so desperate that they feel abortion is their only alternative - bring someone along beside them that can speak truth into their lives!"  Amen

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