Monday, July 6, 2015

my day off

I only left home once today - and thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace of the day!

Out to eat with hubby for brunch following Vern's vet appointment - just to get nails cut and regular monthly med supplies, quick stop at grocery story and then home for the day... so appreciative of this opportunity!

I'm trying very hard to get a slow 'groove on', time to calm down a little and focus on important things like I did today!

Things like:
Pulling weeds
Trying not to cough (cold hanging on)
Planting just a few flowers
Chopped lots of fresh things today: strawberries, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, sliced chicken for dinner = healthier diet
Holding Vern
Washing and folding clothes
Loving my cheapo Walmart deck chair

The thing that caught my attention several times today was, when on a slower pace, I find myself noticing what God's provided and giving thanks almost constantly.  No wonder He talked about a day of rest, and Jesus often had to 'get away' from the crowd and all the demands.

I followed His example today and I could get used to this!  A great day off!

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