Tuesday, June 23, 2015

what I learned today

I realized this morning as I had a couple minutes to reflect back over my whirlwind life lately, that outside of my family - one of the biggest blessings I get to enjoy are the diverse 'communities' that I get to be part of.

Pastor Dave on stage at ALIVE!
Crossroads provides me with opportunities WAY outside what I ever dreamed I'd participate in - and last week I watched as God worked to extend Crossroads' Community again as Pastor Dave got invited to speak at the ALIVE music festival as one of the main teachers for thousands of teens and their parents/youth pastors!  God seems to be moving us outside of ourselves and into the community immediately around us as well as regionally, without us trying to make it happen!  So blessed!!

Here are some of the community areas I love the most in my life:

- I do not exaggerate when I say the Crossroads staff is my second family.

  1. I know any one of them would be there for me or my family at a moments notice
  2. We line up behind a common Mission: "Leading People to the Truth That Transforms Lives in North Central Ohio and Around the World.  This is what we measure each possibility against, each ministry opportunity we consider getting involved in.  We do nothing that doesn't support our Mission!  It helps us to be intentional with our time and resources.
  3. We celebrate with one another and support one another in disappointing times - we are family!
-The reason I am on staff today, is because I first got involved in serving as a volunteer.  

  1. When Ron and I began attending, I served on the praise team singing and playing synth.   
  2. We attempted to also help in the children's area, but it didn't take us long to realize this was NOT our gifted area!  We did however enjoy the adult friends we made.
  3. Next I was offered my Director of Creative Arts position as a volunteer and Ron and I worked together with the Crawfis' to create massive set designs and worked on all the special events.  (this was pre-lighting and video - so everything had to be physically created back then - we even used a slide projector for song words!)
  4. The people at Crossroads that I have served on teams with as a volunteer, and as a staff member, have become life-long friends.  Something that will never happen if you just attend Crossroads and don't get involved in serving somewhere!
  5. Although I'm very dedicated to continued development of all the Creative Arts teams and groups, I look forward to getting to know more and more new people along the way outside of our area as well!
-For 18 years I've stood in the Sound Booth, or calling cues in the Lighting Booth, and recently I most often am pacing back and forth across the back of the auditorium, watching the details of the services.

We almost didn't get it all to fit in when it was time to leave
the ALIVE festival last weekend!
I've often joked that I recognize everyone - but really know very few names.  But recently I've broken out of my area and just last week I had the opportunity of getting to slosh through the mud with 26 High School Students from Crossroads at the ALIVE music festival.  Ron and I went as the official cooks.  (little did we know most of our time would be spent just trying to keep things dry!)  

I came back feeling like I had just met a whole new generation at Crossroads!  Oh my goodness how great these students are!

I returned so encouraged about their future involvement with the ministry and met some who have attended since they were small children!  How encouraging!!   For others this was the very first time they've done anything like this with Crossroads - exciting first steps!

I think in January, Lord willing, I'll be going to Guatemala with the Crossroads team.  Again it's a team containing some 'already friends' - but, I also see names I don't know, and God never arranges these things randomly!  So I can't wait to do ministry with new friends too!

There is no true connection outside of community and I encourage you today to sign up to volunteer on a team at Crossroads, join a House Church or take a CLASS and experience strong connection through community!

Community: A unified body of individuals; a social unit of any size that shares common values.

What God reminded me of again today - was what a privilege I have as a believer in Him to do life with so many amazing people!   Are you part of the Crossroads' community?

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