Monday, June 8, 2015

my day off

I can't even count how many friends in the past couple of weeks have talked about how fast time is going.  It has come up over and over - and not just from people my age...

It's caused me to really spend time thinking about how God wants me to spend my time. - my day off.

I believe He is honored when I rest, when I actually take a day off, but I find myself so swamped on my days off that it interferes with my accomplishments!

And that's where I am right now as I sit down to journal.

I look at what takes my time and I must admit, most of it I suspect God could care less about - it's not what He needs from me.   That's a particularly difficult battle we who are on staff in ministries fight - does our work count as God time since we work for a church?   Or is that in His sight our job and He cares more about the rest of our lives?  Interesting to think about.

First of all I understand  - God has no interest in my 'strivings' - there's nothing I can earn with my work.  If that's true - why do I feel like I always need 'to do'?  American mindset?  I sometimes feel like my life could be best summarized with one of my dad's many phrases - I tend to 'Put the Cart Before the Horse'!  Waiting is seldom in my dictionary.

All of that to say - I'm spending time with Him this morning on my day off - so thankful for that, and I really do care about the priorities of my day, I care that they honor Him, enrich other's lives and accomplish tasks that need to be done - I'm striving toward always being available to Him.

I guess that's truly what it's about, just being available to Him so we don't miss what could be the best things instead of trying to control everything.

If I focus on Him will it slow down the pace of living?  I don't know - but I'm determined to give it a shot - again!

Will you join me today - making room for the very one who created our days?

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