Monday, June 29, 2015

my day off

This was a true day off - SAMS Club, Walmart - high-class living!

Spending time with my hubby and family and camping out with my grandson - INSIDE - well, it just doesn't get any better.

As I walked through thoroughly stocked shelves of merchandise and groceries I wondered how my brothers and sisters in the Lord were doing today around the world.  I have no idea why I get to live in such provision and they don't.

One crazy thing after another kept coming on the radio and across my news feeds concerning everything from young children suing parents for equality,  the mess that Greece is in financially -  to a massive man-hunt in Ashland County right now... our world is upside-down it seems.

I spent my day thanking the Lord for His grace, but understanding that the He NEVER promises we'll be comfortable, or safe, or protected from what we see others around the earth experiencing.

As I enjoyed a day full of freedom, I thanked Him for His provision, I rested more fully in Him and kept singing the phrases I can't get out of my head from one of the songs this weekend -

Letting go of my pride 
Giving up all my rights
Take this life and let it shine

Letting Go of my pride - Giving up all my rights...this is exactly where the God of the Universe needs me to be, on my day off.

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