Monday, June 3, 2013


Last week a project I've been involved with since February came to fruition and it was magnificent to be a part of it!

Robert Wesner of Neos Dance Theatre had choreographed dance for Akron University last year using music from The La De Les - the band my son-in-law and daughter were part of.  Ever since then Robert and I had talked about creating a 'live' show using their music and so we did!

Robert got permission to clean out the old Eagles Lodge downtown Mansfield so that we could us the old upstairs great room - with balconies at each end for the performance.   He and his dancers and friends worked extremely hard to clear out and move out all the unused tools, architectural treasures and pieces and parts that had collected over many, many years of vacancy.  We helped him clean when we could.  With the building cleared out chairs were brought in and plans were made to fill the lower floors with artists and art displays.

We designed the show to visually and audibly demonstrate the relationship between many different forms of art - music, dance, physical art, beautifully displayed food and various sounds.  Thus the name - Symbiosis -
  1. Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.
We further visually supported the title by projecting cymatic images on the walls.
Cymatics -
is the study of visible sound and vibration

If you click on this link you can watch how sound affects sand - it's a fascinating study!  Cymatics

It was so creatively satisfying to participate with so many professionals in putting this production together - I only hope I have a chance again to work with all of them.  And it was such an opportunity for our Crossroads Artist Group - several of our artists worked live and displayed their art while the rest of our group served as volunteers.  What a great opportunity for our little group to be involved out in our community!  So thankful!

And of course my favorite part - listening to the amazing talents of our kids perform as well as watching our son create an amazing video of the evening...sad that it's over!

Take a look at some of the sights and sounds of the evening...

Loved the big empty room the Crossroads girls worked in

Bev and Jen - 2 of our very talented Crossroads artists

Carrie - beautiful work!

Hannah working on the floor!
Carrie's pottery - beautiful!

Even The La De Les' merch was creative

the room was amazing

The bow

Jackie Crawfis' creation - another piece of art!

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