Wednesday, June 19, 2013

loving regular

I LOVE just plain old regular stuff.

Regular schedule
Regular eating - anything will do
Regular friends - no thank you celebraties (or those who think they are)
Regular moods - not into moody or those who are not dependable
Regular family time
Regular learning
Regular jokes from friends
Regular challenges - I like to problem solve as long as it doesn't include tantrums
Regular changes - I get bored easily

I feel I have an extraordinary life.

It's funny though, when I ask myself why - what makes it extraordinary?  It's the regular ordinary stuff that does.

The older I get the more satisfied I am with regular.  (don't confuse regular with settling for less then excellent - I highly value and strive for excellence!)

However, when I see the dis-satisfaction all around me with people that appear to be important, rich, constantly seeking attention or notoriety, I realize they actually have nothing.  And in many cases can even be considered foolish based on what they chase.

It's not wonder God values the most insignificant among us as the most significant.  They need Him - they are satisfied with little and praise Him for everything they have.  They are regular and yet extraordinary in His sight.

I am very thankful to be just plain regular!

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