Friday, May 3, 2013


My brother is getting married tomorrow.  Tonight my mom, sister and I did kitchen duty preparing dessert, potato salad and pasta salad galore, while the bride's family worked on decorating.

We had lots of laughs as my dad's yodeling rang out across the church reception hall and filtered through the kitchen doorway.  His hilarious spirit will never stop making me laugh!

Along with laughs came anxious preparation as the bride tried to turn the dreams she had silently dreamed for so long of this day - into a reality. 

I liked the simplicity with which they are satisfied and in some ways envied the ability to settle for enough instead of always pushing for perfection and often for way too much.

I love my new sister-in-law a lot and pray the Lord will wrap His amazing arms around them and draw them constantly into Him as their lives become one.

My new sister-in-law whom I love!

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