Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ugly talk

Saturday morning, because we actually had a free day, I got to go to lunch with my hubby and his mom.

As we chatted with the waitress (whom we love) we began to hear ugly talk coming from the next table.

A young boy probably about 8 years old had just told his mom he didn't know where his electronic game was, and maybe he left it at his dad's. The ugly began.

"You are so stupid", she said only slightly quieter than a yell, " you're the most stupid person I've ever seen! I've never known anyone so dumb in my life!" The little boy began to sob and say he wanted to go back to his dad's house...she stormed out of the resturant to look for it.

I asked my hubby how much trouble I would get in if I punched a woman... (I'm a big talker)

I certainly lost my tempor while raising our kids, but never would it even have crossed my mind to tell them they were dumb or stupid. I tried to address the problem not cut them down in any way.

She returned and of course the game had just been left in the car. That seemed to make her even more mad. " you are just so dumb - you don't deserve the game, you don't deserve anything!" She grabbed him and practically dragged him away. I wondered how the little guy spent the rest of his day - my heart ached for him.

I've thought of him all day and am still praying for him. I pray God can block his ears from hearing and believing the ugly talk.

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