Tuesday, November 8, 2011

what i learned today

If a day passes that I don't learn something - then shame on me!

  1. Today I learned how to cook sliced butternut squash directly on the grill.
  2. I learned (again) the overwhelming burden of creating Christmas at Crossroads needs to be handed to the Lord in prayer instead of trying so hard in my own power!
  3. I learned how much I love organizing events - even small ones like our son's rehearsal dinner.
  4. I learned that even when things look clean from a distance they can be dirty up close.  I got down on the floor to put some things away and noticed the bottom half of my fridge was disgusting...now it's clean!
  5. I learned when a recipe says 'butter should be soft" it definitely does not mean melted!
  6. I learned I love my parents more every day and cherished the moments tonight as my amazing husband and I sat across the table from them and talked and ate together.
My favorite learn today was number 4, because it reminded me of my life.

From a distance it can look so good and clean - but the close up God sees is sadly lacking.  I care about that, and want to clean it up.  The other thing I need to learn and remember is the clean up never ends.  It requires daily focus on the details of my day - awareness of God's will and a willingness to step into that instead of my own agenda is the daily requirement.

What I learned today is learning never stops, or at least shouldn't!

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