Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend report

Our son Eric married Alyssa this weekend which took us away from Crossroads for the weekend.  (You can see Michelle's first amazing picture from the wedding at

When a leader is away, the highest hope is that the ministry is healthy enough not to depend on them in order to carry on.  I have NEVER been more proud of our team's then I was this weekend in my absence!!

We are fully dedicated to developing the next generation for our Lord and for our ministry.  This weekend we had THREE worship teams leading simultaneously!  What a testimony to God's almighty hand on our ministry and the leaders that I am surrounded by!

And the thing I am MOST excited about is that they are teams lead by peers not staff in the various areas of our ministry, a 4th and 5th grade band, the youth band and the main adult worship area - this breathes of spiritual health and blessing from our God!!  15 years in the making!

Please look at these beautiful leaders and be as blessed as I am !!

To see what other ministries used in their worship services this weekend go to!


Bkwestman said...

How cool! That is amazing... Shows great leadership on your part!

Kym Lamb said...

Truly blessed. I am reading a book on leadership now and it says "Look over your shoulder. Is anyone back there following you? If not, your not leading - your just marching in a very short parade." It has been great to see our parade grow...and grow...and grow ;0)