Monday, April 13, 2020

now what

So...our days are filled with the following right now...  so now what?  All we hear are

warnings about face masks, gloves, staying 6 feet apart...

so far much lower numbers of people with the virus then projected....what should we believe?

separated in our own homes - I even read recently about a husband and wife staying in separate rooms of the house (yes, they get along fine)...

people are scared and now people are getting mad about not being "allowed" to return to work...

a beat up freedom
worry about losing our freedom.. it's a beat up freedom right now

people sure we'll all be forced to have embedded chips put in us (666?)

required vaccines that some are completely against

certain people supposedly taking advantage of a problem to promote their own political agenda

I could go on, and on to describe our current situation, but here is the only question we who call Jesus Lord need to consider. 

Do we really believe He is who He says He is
If so, then we also believe that the Lord needed all of this to happen in order to fulfill His plan.  He allowed it to happen...He is just as much in control now as He was when we were all enjoying the freedom to go wherever we wanted to.  Right?

Although we may all have some difficult situations to face as a result of the massive shut down, if we abide in Him - we need not worry, we should not worry but be continuously looking around asking Him what He needs us to do.

In difficulty the Gospel ALWAYS grows - we may get to see a revival like we've never seen in our lifetime! 

It may be difficult and very hard, and our freedom may not look the same - but, it's going to look exactly like Jesus needs it to look!  So, let's look constantly for any opportunity the Lord gives us to spread the hope that only a life in Him has a possibility of enjoying!  Let's look very different from the hopeless around us. 

Stay strong in Him!

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