Tuesday, March 31, 2020

things to do

Without exaggerating I probably have 20 times this many to go through
Besides the work I've done for my real job, I'm also trying to make this time of slowing down productive at home.

One of my final projects is that of sorting through 61 years of pictures.

As I look at each picture they each are attached to a specific memory and many people and times that I can see now I took for granted.  Sometimes quickly coming and going as if I assumed I'd always have them close.

Many are gone now,  One I miss so much is my dad, but I'm glad he's  already with our Savior or he'd be ranting like a crazy man about the government and anything else he heard on TV!  He was a blast, although slightly off-base on some of his facts!  Ha Ha!

We just received a copy of the notes Crossroads has received thanking the staff for calling and caring for our congregation in this time of loneliness and uncertainty.

But one sentence stuck out to me the most.  It was from a dear Crossroads' lady that said...

Things are not falling apart, but falling into place!

SO PROFOUND!  It simply summarized everything completely!

Within my list of things to do, I plan most of all to take a look at everything I hear and see with the eyes and ears of someone anticipating and expecting to begin to see what God intends it to accomplish!  Just as Pastor Dave taught in the story of Joseph - what looks like chaos to us is just part of what has to happen to accomplish God's plan!


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