Monday, January 28, 2019

31 years ago today

Today we celebrate as a family one of our greatest memories - our son's birth.

How can he already be 31?

I remember the night - about a 9 hour labor - doctor leaving because it was "shift change time", and getting called back from the parking lot...hubby in the waiting room telling everyone it was going to be a while and nurse going to retrieve him to return to delivery.

Soon after corralling everyone - Eric made his appearance.  7' 8oz - and our lives changed forever.

All of a sudden life moves from days filled with work and friends and traveling and learning Biblical truths -to responsibility and a reason for all the things you've previously done.

Suddenly we became committed and determined and intentional with our time, treasure and talents in ways we never had before.

And this young man was a gift straight from the Lord!

His adulthood has just been a larger version of his childhood habits and learning both spiritually and in including and caring for those around him.

Eric is one of the most God honoring, dependable, intelligent, artistically gifted - both musically as well as physically and technically gifted men I've ever known, has endless abilities to problem solve, repair things, and never stops dreaming of new things to come and how to make anything better!

His heart for the less fortunate is evident in he and his wives' desire to restore old homes - and to acquire beautiful buildings he can invite friends to live in.

Although reluctant to attend college he went, finished early with a Ministry Degree and is constantly looking for ways to really use that degree to improve the community around him!

He's a dedicated family man, we all spend countless hours together - and having Jocelyn move away recently has made us even more aware of how rare this opportunity is to spend so much time together.

This 31st birthday allows us a little time in our lives just to celebrate our son and the amazing, loving, generous man he has become!

Happy Birthday son - it's impossible to express what you mean to us!  We love you to the moon and back!!

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