Tuesday, March 6, 2018

weekend report

Hard to believe that another weekend has come and gone!  I love this teaching series we're in -
the 7  Final Sayings of Jesus!  So good!

Here's a peak at what we were blessed by!

Aaron Hill is a very gifted drummer - we're very blessed to have him at Crossroads!

Our amazing sax player Brad was in the house! While he played I was teasing
Jim Messner (our former amazing player for years), that he had been replaced.  The
conversation was hilarious as those of you who know Jim can imagine! 

Milo and Shawn enjoyed the worship and serving together on the team!

Greg was our new acoustic player having fun with Shawn - so good!

The next few weeks are just going to be amazing as we prepare our hearts to once again lift our praises as ONE to the Savior the world so desperately needs!

Please consider who in your life needs to know this Savior and bring them with you! 

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